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Fiction and Poetry

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Title Author(s)
A Clockwork MouseNorma-Ann Coleman, MA 1969
A House DividedMargaret Skea, MA 1974
A Kettle of FishAlison Bacon, MA 1974
A Shadowing of AngelsBernard Plunkett, MLitt 2014
A Sinner's Gift Zoe Beesley, MA 2011 International Relations
A Thin Sheet of GlassPippa Beecheno, MA English 2003
A West Coast PsalterMaggie Mackay, MA 1975
Anastasia, Look in the MirrorCarly Brown, MA 2014
Ancient EvilBrent Griffiths, BSc Psychology 1995
At the limit of breathStephen Scobie, MA 1965
Bae for PayMelissa Steel, MA (Hons) Social Anthropology 2013
Becoming the Son; an Autobiography of JesusDavid Baker, MLitt 2008 Divinity
Ben Dorain: a conversation with a mountainGarry MacKenzie, MA 2007, MLitt 2008, PhD 2014
Beneath Wandering StarsAshlee Cowles, MLitt, Medieval History, 2014
Big ItalyTimothy Williams, MA 1970
Bird CottageAntoinette Fawcett, MA in English Language and Literature 1977
Black AugustTimothy Williams, MA 1970
Black RiggMary Easson, MA 1978
Brand Loyalty Cally Wight, MA (Hons) 1984
Briar Mouth Helen Nicholson, MFA 2017
BRITISH Crime CollectionScot MacKenzie, MA 2012
By Sword and StormMargaret Skea, MA 1978
C.S. Lewis at Poets' CornerMichael Ward, PhD 2006
CHILDSONGTimothy Polson, MPhil 2000
Compass RoseElizabeth Austin, MA International Relations 200
Converging ParallelsTimothy Williams, 1970
Dead People on HolidayStephen Jackson, 1980: Psychology and Philosoph
Dod Takes ChargeRobert (Robin) Peacock, BSc (1967)
Dorothy Wordsworth and Hartley Coleridge: The Poetics of RelationshipNicola Healey, MA 2005; PhD 2009
Dry Stone WorkBrian Johnstone, MA 1973
Flesh of the PeachHelen McClory, MA 2005
For Love and Money: The Literary Art of the Harlequin Mills & Boon RomanceLaura Vivanco, MA 1996, PhD 2001
Frack-tured! A Village DividedGillian Jones, MA Hons French 1966
Franz Kafka / Georg Mordechai LangerTimothy Polson, MPhil 2000
Genesis of ANTIMONYStanley D. M. Carpenter, M.Litt. 1978
Ghost Mountains and Vanished Oceans: The Story of North America from Birth to Middle AgeJohn Wilson, BSc. 1974
HarePeter Ranscombe, BSc (Hons) 2004
Hibiscus FruitAlison Gray, MA 1982
Honest folk of GuadeloupeTimothy Williams, MA 1970
How Saints DieCarmen Marcus, MA 2000
I Sold These Poems, Now I Want Them BackBrian Sonia-Wallace, MA Sustainable Development, 20
In LazzarettoJenny Wilson, MA 1962
In the Blink of an EyeAli Bacon, MA 1974
It Gets EasierTracey Egan, MA 1995
Katharina FortitudeMargaret Skea, MA 1978
Katharina: DeliveranceMargaret Skea, MA 1978
Kids, Cuddles & CaffeineEdmund Farrow, BSc 1996
LegacyHarriet Moore, Management MA 2010
Legacy of the MindHarriet Moore, Management MA 2010
Les Larmes du LacMarie Havard, NGA 2005
Les Larmes du LacMarie Havard, NGA 2005
Les Voyageurs ParfaitsMarie Havard, M Litt 2005
Liquid SongAdeline Koscher, PhD 2006
Love StuckSusie Watson, MA 1995
Loving Andrew: A Fifty-Two-Year Story of Down SyndromeRosemary (Romy) Wyllie, MA 1955
Luke PaulFinlay Macdonald, MA 1967 BD 1970 PhD 1983 DD 20
Mayor Eats Oats And Foes Meet GhostsRoger Holmes, BSc 1985
Midnight in BerlinJames MacManus, MA 1966
NaufragiosAdolfo Gómez Tomé, Erasmus Student MA 1993
Next EpisodeBarbara Ferguson, M. Litt (Creative Writing) 2003
North with Franklin: The Lost Journals of James FitzjamesJohn Wilson, BSc (Geology) 1974
One Scheme of HappinessAli Thurm, MA 1981
OtherwiseJohn Dennison, PhD 2011
Out of the TowerAlison Gray, MA 1982
PASTOR: A Fictional Reminiscence With Conversations on Religion and SocietyJames Stanley Barlow, PhD 1961
Persona non grataTimothy Williams, MA 1970
Players: A Game of Grit and GloryElizabeth Humphreys, BSc 2011
Princes of New YorkRobin Lester, No degree. Student at St. Mary
Pursuing Happiness: Reading American Romance as Political FictionLaura Vivanco, MA 1996 and PhD 2001
questions for waterVirginia Crawford, MLitt 1995
Redemption RoadLisa Ballantyne, MA Hon 1995
Resurrection of ANTIMONYStanley Carpenter, M.Litt. 1978
Rhyme Or ReasonKate Delano-Condax Decker, Junior Year Abroad 1966-1967
Robbing the Dead Tana Collins, MPhil Philosophy 1992
Russian DollLucy Lloyd, BSc 2002
Sacred SiteKim Fleet, MA 1995, PhD 2000
ScarsJoe Bocker, BSc 1978
SeascapeEmma Parfitt, M. Litt (Creative Writing) 2002
Seven Days of YouCecilia Vinesse, MLitt 2013
Sewing the Shadows TogetherAlison Taylor-Baillie, MA 1968
Shadows in a PhotographMichael Smith, MB, ChB 1960
Siege of Eden: The Rise of the IlluminatiDavid Baker, MLitt 2008
Six Days in IcelandChris Caseldine, MA1973, PhD1980
Sleep in Peace tonightJames MacManus, MA 1966
Song in the Silence Elizabeth Kerner, MA 1981
Still Me...Maggie Mackay, MA Hons 1975
The Amber ShadowsLucy Ribchester , MA 2004
The Blue StilettoMark Bunyan, MA 1971
The Bonnie RoadSuzanne d'Corsey, MA 1982
The Boys Who Wouldn't Grow Up: A NovelLauren Mangiaforte, MLitt 2010
The Bronze LadderMalcolm Lyon, BSc 1983
The Butchered ManHarriet Smart, MA 1988
The Centauri SettlementJ.D. Nightingale, BSc 1958
The Divining PoolAmanda Merritt, MFA Poetry 2017
The Dragon's Blade: The Reborn KingMichael Miller, MA History 2014
The Edge of the FirelightGordon Bain, BSc Hons 1990
The Guilty OneLisa Ballantyne, MA Hon 1995
The Heart Beats In SecretKatie Munnik, MLitt 2003
The Heart of the RunMaggie Mackay, M.A.Honours,1975
The Hills Are Stuffed With Swedish GirlsRichard Happer, MA 1994
The Hoarse Oaths of FifeChris Moore, MA 1978
The Knitting StationKirsti Wishart, MA 1996, PhD 2001
The Last Child of LeifChris Pridmore, MSci 2007
The LizardDugald Bruce-Lockhart, MA 1990
THE NEPTUNE CONSPIRACYPolly Holyoke, exchange student 1979-1980
The PuppeteerTimothy Williams, MA 1970
The Pursuit of LeviathanDavid Baker, MLitt Divinity, 2008
The Saul and David 'VerseBen Guthrie, M.Litt 2010
The Secret to Not DrowningColette Snowden, MA mediaeval History 1993
The SleepBenjamin Hemingway, MA 2004
The Song of the FallChristopher Impiglia, MA Medieval History and Archae
The Summer of UsCecilia Vinesse, MLitt 2013
The Tattoo ThiefAlison Belsham, MA 1985
The Theology of Scarecrows and other stories with a philosophical edgeLeslie Stevenson, Lecturer, then Reader in Logic & Metaphysics (1968-2000)
The Vanished HourGordon Hutchins, MA 1963
The Woman Before Wallis Bryn Turnbull, MLitt 2016
The Wrong Kind of CloudsAmanda Fleet, BSc (Hons) Physiology 1993
This is What was NextEmily McKay, MA 2012, MLitt 2013
To The Monsters of My Past Cameron Crews, MA 2019
Tomato in a Black HoleChristian Wharton, MA 1958
Truly Are the FreeJeffrey Walker, 1980-1981 (Junior Year Abroad)
Turn of the TideMargaret Skea, MA 1978
Turning Away: Collected PoemsKeith McFarlane, BSC, 1976 / PhD, 1980
Turning PointsJulia Ogilvy, MA Art History 1987
Two Funerals, Then EasterRachel Welcher, Bible and the Contemporary World MLitt 2018
Un año de ErasmusEsther Casares Carmona, Postgraduate in Spanish Letters
Wacky - The Diary of a Ship's Cat - a true storyUrsula Haselden Martyn, MA 1952
What a Way to GoJulia Forster, MLitt Creative Writing, 2001
What You Call FreeFlora Johnston, MA 1993
Wilderness TherapyPaul Cumbo, MLitt 2005
Yesterday's BlondeMark Bunyan, MA 1971