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John Dennison, PhD 2011

The poems in this first collection by New Zealand poet John Dennison are concerned, above all, with love, and with the strange, unlooked-for manner of its appearances among us. Marked by emotional acuity and formal deftness, Otherwise draws us into confrontations with our equivocal and finite nature. 

Here too, because ‘some things bear repeating’, are moments of turning, of grace and our refusals. This is a moving and thought-provoking collection from an assured new voice. "Otherwise is a book of wonders. 

These are tender and true poems of love and intimacy, shot through with metaphysics and philosophy. That is a hard line to walk, but Dennison does it beautifully, time and time again. Like Seamus Heaney – for whom there is a fine dedicated sequence here – he has a wonderful eye for the liturgies of family and home." - Michael Symmons Roberts

ISBN: 978 1 847774 99 6