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Brand Loyalty

Cally Wight, MA (Hons) 1984

A powerful cautionary tale of how our ignorance and complacency could lead to the eventual surrender of our very personality. Brand Loyalty is a 1984 for the 21st century, and explores a possible world (remarkably like our own) which has been taken over by the corporate totalitarianism of the ULTIMATE® company.

Personal identity and meaning have become trading commodities and the central characters struggle to maintain their individuality in the face of a world which has registered®, trademarked™ and copyrighted© their very existence.

Described by readers as a true dystopian masterpiece, a hugely original and deeply satirical piece with excellent characters, interesting ideas, and a good build up of tension and pace. It is a real page turner, based on an extremely ingenious and unnerving idea that stays with the reader troublingly.

It is not always a comfortable read, and the challenge of creating a world so ‘extreme’ yet believable is a metaphorical plate spinning exercise which challenges the reader to consider what we might lose of ourselves if we pursue an inexorable slide into a world of virtual reality.

Reviewers have said: If you want to think and be stimulated, you should read this novel. A sparklingly cerebral mix of contemporary events, analysis and projection of a not-at-all distant future. Chilling but brilliant. I may have finished reading this book but I don't think I will ever stop thinking about it.

You can buy this as a limited edition paperback and it is also available as ebook ASIN B007W0WATK (Kindle) and ISBN 978-0-9566838-9-2 (epub)

ISBN: 9780956683809