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Ghost Mountains and Vanished Oceans: The Story of North America from Birth to Middle Age

John Wilson, BSc. 1974

We are not simply passengers on a dead piece of cosmic debris whirling through space; we are an integral part of an exceptional, dynamic system that produced both ourselves and our Earth. In a very real sense, geology made us. This is that story. This is not just the story of one continent and how it formed, it is the tale of how our world came to be the way it is, and how it might become something else in the future. 

An understanding of the earth sciences is essential to understanding our place on this ball of rock, and Ghost Mountains and Vanished Continents, replete with fascinating information and anecdotes, both personal and geological, provides that understanding in a wonderfully readable form. Today we are altering our world as never before, but our fate has always been intimately intertwined with the processes that made our home. 

Even when we were little more than blue-green algae, processes that are still very active today were creating conditions that enabled the first, tentative steps toward us. In a very real sense, Geology made us. "This book is a true, well-crafted page-turner. If you've ever wondered how the continents and the particular slab of rock you live on came about, you will love this book. Even if you don't, you'll still love it. Highly recommended." For more on John Wilson and his books, visit: johnwilsonauthor.com

ISBN: 9781466107540