Your data and privacy


Alumni, friends and supporters play an in important role in the life of the University of St Andrews contributing to our achievements and ensuring we continue to be known across the globe as a world leader in education.

The Development Office at St Andrews is here to support our alumni, friends and supporters, keeping you informed as to what is happening at the University and beyond: engaging with you on relevant activities which we hope will be of interest to you. This includes sharing University, alumni and supporter news and activities, events, reunions, fundraising campaigns, networking, career and volunteering opportunities.

The Development Office cannot reach out to you, without making use of your personal data, which, more often than not, will involve your contact details.

The protection of personal information collected and processed by the University is legislated through the European and UK legislation, notably through the Data Protection Act 1998 (“the DPA”) and through rules on direct marketing activities as provided by Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations. The University takes its obligations to protect personal information and to uphold the rights and freedoms of individuals seriously.

One of the core principles of data protection legislation is that personal data is processed fairly. Fairly, in this context, is concerned with individuals being informed as to how their personal information will be used. It is important that the University is clear about how personal data will be used to support development and alumni related activities, so that you can let us know if you wish for the University to act differently.

The purpose of this statement is therefore to inform alumni and friends how their personal information will be used by the University, and to set out our promise to you that –
The University will work at all times to protect your privacy. We will only make use of your personal data for clearly stated purposes and we will always respect and uphold your rights.

Updated 30 January 2018