Update your details

Help St Andrews and your fellow alumni to keep in touch with you.

Over the years, the University has inevitably lost touch with some of its former students who have forgotten to update us when they have changed address. If you do not receive our annual alumni magazine, Chronicle, or any other correspondence from the University, then it is likely we do not hold a current postal address for you.

Similarly, if you do not receive the monthly St Andrews in the News e-newsletter, this indicates that Development does not hold a current email address for you. You may therefore wish to supply us with your email address to enable us to update your record.

Ways to update

SPARC members can update on the SPARC website.

Non-SPARC members can use our online form.

You can email at alumni@st-andrews.ac.uk

or write to:

Alumni Relations
91 North Street
St Andrews
Fife, KY16 9AJ