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Please report technical and web-related problems to, such as:

  • general website issues
  • broken links
  • out-of-date content
  • T4 Site Manager issues.

Comments and suggestions

We welcome your comments and suggestions; please send them to

Digital projects

We welcome ideas for future projects. Please consult the digital standards about page for information on how to submit an idea.

Internal audiences may find information about how to create your own site, training and digital standards in the service manual.

What happens next…

  1. Your call will be logged in UniDesk, our service desk system, where the team can track and manage your call.
  2. The system will automatically send you an acknowledgement when your call has been received.
  3. Some calls can be answered by first line support (IT Service Desk); others will need to be escalated to second line support (digital communications team).
  4. Your call will be prioritised depending on the urgency and impact of the incident (see below).


We generally operate the following priorities for calls:

UrgencyAffects individual(s)Affects departmentAffects University
Normal Low priority
8 days
Normal priority
5 days
Medium priority
3 days
Higher Normal priority
5 days
Medium priority
3 days
High priority
2 days
Highest Medium priority
3 days
High priority
2 days
Critical priority
1 day