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The University of St Andrews is situated in Fife, Scotland, in the United Kingdom. The term 'the University of St Andrews' or 'the University' shall include, without limitation, its faculties, Schools, research centres and administrative units.

'University network' means any resources which are used for the transmission or reception (either wholly or in part) of any data (including voice, email, video, web content or any other types or formats of data), which are owned or operated by or on behalf of the University.

'University services' means any and all services provided by the University or on its behalf for use by its community and members by means of, or relating to the use of, access to or interaction with, the University network. This includes the provision of any applications, information, services or facilities (either accessed directly or indirectly via the University network), email, web applications, computing facilities (including but not limited to workstations, access services for personal systems such as dial up, VPN, wireless, etc.).


By their nature, websites are subject to constant change. While all reasonable efforts are made to ensure that the content of the University's website is accurate and up to date, all content, services and materials are provided "as is" and the University reserves the right to amend, add to or remove these at any time without notice.

Nothing on this website constitutes any part of a contract unless otherwise expressly stated. The University makes no warranty about the content of this website, including (but not limited to) the accuracy or completeness of any content. The University permits its students and staff to maintain personal pages on the website. Any views expressed on these pages do not necessarily represent the views of the University. The University may alter these terms and conditions from time to time and post the new versions on this website, following which all use of this website will be governed by that new version.