Community facilities

One of the joys of St Andrews is the close integration of the University and the town. There is no University campus; instead, University buildings are scattered along charming streets, intermingling with local businesses, historic ruins and stunning sea views.

Visitors, local residents and University staff and students all benefit from the town’s facilities, from playing fields through to cafes and services of worship. Whether you’re planning on staying in St Andrews for just a few days, for the course of your studies or as a permanent base, you can find out what to expect from the town here.

Facilities available to local residents, including the Sports Centre, libraries and theatre.

The Students’ Association is also known as the Union, and offers a range of facilities for students and the town.

Find out about the University chapels and services of worship that all are welcome to attend.

The University welcomes students, staff, alumni and the general public who wish to marry in University venues.

The University has three museums with a range of exhibitions and activities to explore and enjoy.

Find out where you can grab a coffee or a bite to eat at one of the University’s cafes.

The University shop sells a range of St Andrews branded clothing, memorabilia and gifts.

Student Services staff are available to guide students and liaise with the local community on a range of matters.