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The Blue Stiletto

Mark Bunyan, MA 1971

THE BLUE STILETTO is a comic mystery novel set on Key West in the late 80s. Hausbraker, the police chief, is bored of traffic reports and the occasional drunken brawl. When a homeless drunk and a rowdy Cuban are both found stabbed with The Blue Stiletto, cocktail stick from the bar of the same name, he leaps to the conclusion that a serial killer is on the loose and, armed by policing methods that owe more to Agatha Christie than real life, sets out to find the solo culprit to the chagrin and increasing danger of his staff.

Involved along the way are a transsexual disco diva, a bodybuilding caterer and his wife, a failed polo-shirt magnate, two ancient female gun runners, a Hollywood child star of the 1920s, an ex-monk now policeman, the leader of the local amateur stock theatre company, an English cabaret pianist and a married couple from Xenia, Ohio. Not to mention absolutely everyone, darling, who comes to stay at The G House, one of Key West's newest swishest gay guesthouses.


THE BLUE STILETTO is a second novel by Mark Bunyan, author of YESTERDAY’S BLONDE (“A comic masterpiece” Him Magazine.) No sooner was it completed than his publisher went bust. The book was the first ever commercially available email serial, available in 1998. I could have told Stephen King it wouldn't work....