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Barbara Ferguson, M. Litt (Creative Writing) 2003

Meet reality-television's hottest ghost hunters: Troy, Rachel, Ben, Jasmine, Paolo and Dylan, better known as the Operation: Haunting team. 

One day they may be VIPs at a fan convention, answering questions about the show; the next, they’re filming on location, waiting for the knocks, shadows, cold spots or energy spikes their viewers love and the network expects. 
Ben relies on technology, while Rachel follows her intuition. Jasmine is fearless, and Troy keeps everyone calm. Dylan, just voted onto the team, is delighted with her new career but can’t quite figure out why the unfriendly archivist, Paolo, comes on location with them... until she discovers what the audience will never see. 
Famed for revealing the supernatural to the public, the teammates are themselves haunted by the secrets they live with, and must keep, off-camera.

ISBN: 978-1-927079-41-6