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Harriet Moore, Management MA 2010

That moment when you walk into a room and could cut the tension with a knife. That feeling when two people meet and there's an instant, unspoken connection. That unease when you can sense someone's presence, but there's nobody there. 

There are those who are obviously energetic, they just can't sit still, they need to be doing something, those who love cryptic crosswords and chess and mental challenges and stimulation - the mentally ferocious - and those preoccupied with the large philosophical, religious and ethical issues we face, the visionary spirituals. 

Anita has never been ordinary, she's stuck out like a sore thumb her entire life, so when the powerful, good looking Descendants suddenly arrive in Empire, her difference attracts and keeps their attention. Sucked into their world, caught up in a web of power and politics that she never before even realised existed, the world teeters on the brink of crisis, but will Anita take the required leap of faith?

ISBN: 978-0-9926536-0-6