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Yesterday's Blonde

Mark Bunyan, MA 1971

Now available for Kindle.


  • Marilyn Monroe had woken up on the morning of the fifth of August 1962?
  • James Dean had not died in that car accident after filming "Giant"??
  • And what if Marilyn had gone to the top to find a father for her child???

Mark Bunyan's comic fantasy was first published in 1989.

"A comic masterpiece" (Him magazine),
"A pearl of a book" (Reporter, Stockholm),
"Certainly preferable to the sludge and slurry of lust and neurosis usually poured over the memory of poor Norma-Jean" (Time Out, London)
"Great fun" (Gay Times, London)
"Delightfully amusing, .. well worth reading" (The Pink Paper, London)

ISBN: 1-872036-01-5