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Liquid Song

Adeline Koscher, PhD 2006

Set in the heat of summer in a tiny bar in Provincetown on Cape Cod, these sensual poems are replete with sea air and moonlit skin. This book is a moonflower, blooming on the surface of a watery meditation. The collection inhabits a narrow space between two people and the intensity of their magnetism. The poems explore the experience of diving blind into the mystery of another. In it we dissolve into longing, balancing at the edge of ourselves. The elemental fire, water, air, and earth will bring you into and out of your body, balancing between weight and weightlessness, light and dark, the real and the imagined. In this slim volume boundaries blur. The transformative quality of love, obsession, and longing is at once deeply physical and transcendent.

ISBN: 978-1-64662-165-1