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Becoming the Son; an Autobiography of Jesus

David Baker, MLitt 2008 Divinity

Jesus Christ changed the world...but did he ever lose his sandals? He healed others...but was he ever sick? If he was God, why didn't he know everything? Did he have friends? Did he ever tell a joke? Did he laugh? What about his sexuality? Why did his family think he was crazy? Does his story mean anything to me? 

After four years of meticulous research, C.D. Baker invites his readers to encounter the Jesus of the Gospels, though in ways they may not have expected. 'Becoming the Son; an Autobiography of Jesus' is a unique, daring, and inspiring novel that reveals the astonishing possibilities of what could have been. What readers will experience in this book is likely to change their lives, forever.

ISBN: 1477491147