The University's British Sign Language (BSL) Plan 2018-2024 can be found on webpage: www.st-andrews.ac.uk/hr/edi/equalityschemeandpolicies/reports

Hearing Loss Communication Hints & Tips: 

  • Gain the person’s attention before you start speaking.

  • Keep your face at the same level for lip reading purposes.

  • Try to establish a person’s preferred method of communication whenever possible (may require initiative and tact!).

  • If a hearing person is with the deaf person, don’t just concentrate on the hearing person. The deaf person will feel excluded.

  • For situations where important information is to be exchanged or conveyed, a deaf person will often choose a Human Aid to Communication (for example, a Sign Language Interpreter or a Lipspeaker).

  • Cut out as much background noise as possible.

  • Make sure the subject matter is understood before you continue.

  • Use finger spelling usefully- to emphasise the first letter of name.

  • Write down necessary dialogue such as instructions and directions.

  • For less important everyday situations you may need or wish to communicate directly with a deaf person.