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Equality Outcomes Scheme, Action Plans and Reports

Also refer to: Previous Equality Reports

Response to SFC on Gender Action Plan Report (31 Jul 2017) 

Contents mapped to SFC guidance:                      

  1. University compliance on equality                                                   
  2. National context                                                                                 
  3. Institutional subject imbalances                                                     
  4. Addressing imbalances                                                                               
  5. Violence against women, career progression for staff and Board membership    
  6. Further issues to consider and additional information                              

Download 51 pages: St-Andrews-Gender-Action-Plan-Report (PDF, 1,826 KB)

Equality Mainstreaming Report April 2017

In compliance with the duty, the following was published the on 28 April 2017:

Download 77 pages: Equality Mainstreaming Report April 2017 (PDF, 1,616 KB)


  • Mainstreaming Report body                                                                    
  • Annex A: Equality Outcomes April 2013-2017 Action Plan Progress         
  • Annex B: Equality Outcomes April 2017-2021 Action Plan                     
  • Annex C: Staff & Student Equality Data          
  • Annex D: Gender Pay Gap Information Report  

List of Equality Outcomes for April 2017-2021 as stated within the Equality Mainstreaming Report:

  1. Making a University that is accessible, and is recognised as encouraging diversity and the appreciation of it in our staff, students and suppliers.      
  2. Creating a studying, visiting and working environment where students, staff and visitors feel welcome and supported, whatever their background and characteristics.
  3. Designing systems of reward and recognition for staff and students that ensure fair treatment of all, whatever their background and characteristic. 
  4. Securing greater diversity in governance, management and leadership.                                  

For the April 2017 copies of the Disability Equal Pay Statement; Gender Equal Pay Statement; and Race Equal Pay Statement, please refer to the Equal Pay Statement webpage.






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