British Sign Language (BSL)

BSL is a language in its own right, with its own grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and dialects. 

The University's British Sign Language (BSL) Plan is available in both BSL and English versions. University schools and units can embed the following text into contact information where a phone number is stated:

Contact Scotland BSL

Scotland’s British Sign Language Interpreting Video Relay Service (VRS) is a free service, which enables contact with the University, as well as all of Scotland’s public bodies and third sector organisations. Deafblind people whose first language is BSL, can also access the video relay service by signing to the online interpreter using BSL and rather than seeing the signed response, they receive the responses via a braille display attached to the computer with responses being typed by the online interpreter. 

For further information or guidance, please visit the online BSL Video Relay Interpreting Service.