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University wide Diversity Awards/Projects

List of University equality, diversity and inclusion related awards and projects with schedules:




Athena SWAN Institutional: Bronze

Apr 2013 

Nov 2017 

Athena SWAN Sch. of Biology: Bronze

Sep 2015

Nov 2018

Athena SWAN Sch. of Chemistry: Silver 

Sep 2014 

Nov 2018 

Athena SWAN Sch. of Computer Science: Bronze

Sep 2017   Apr 2021 

Athena SWAN Sch. of Management: Bronze

Sep 2017  Apr 2021 

Athena SWAN Sch. of Maths & Stats: Bronze

Sep 2014   Apr 2018 
Athena SWAN Sch. of Medicine: Bronze Apr 2017 Nov 2020
Athena SWAN Sch. of Physics & Astronomy: Silver + IoP Juno: Champion Apr 2017  Apr 2020

Athena SWAN Sch. of Psychology & Neuroscience: Bronze

Sep 2014   Nov 2017 

Athena SWAN Dept of Earth and Environmental Sciences: Bronze

Apr 2016 Apr 2019

Carer Positive Employer: Engaged Level

Jul 2017 Jul 2018
LGBT Charter

Oct 2017

Oct 2021

Stonewall Diversity ChampionsWorkplace Equality Index

Sep 2017 

Sep 2018

Healthy Working Lives: Silver (University Wellbeing Group)

Nov 2016 2018 TBC

HR Excellence in Research (The Concordat E&D Principle 6)

May 2016  May 2018-20

SFC Outcome Agreement: ECU projects

Jan 2017 Dec 2018 (TBC)

Download: Journey on Equality Awards = Added Career Value (PDF, 286 KB)



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