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HR EDI Online Inclusive Recruitment Guide

Purpose of the Guide: 

The guide is an essential part of the HR Recruitment process for staff involved in recruitment/selection. It is inclusive of legislative/best practice to minimise potential discrimination and demonstrate compliance in providing equality of opportunity to applicants. It is mandatory to complete the Online Recruitment Training Module.

1. Introduction to the Law

2. Job Design
2.1 Inclusive Job Descriptions (inc Job Titles)
2.2 Inclusive Person Specifications

2.3 Inclusive Health Requirements

3. Advertising
3.1 Inclusive Arrangements
3.2 Inclusive Content
3.3 Recruitment Agencies

4. Application
4.1 Inclusive Adjustments
4.2 Inclusive Personal Requests & Monitoring

5. Selection
5.1 Inclusive Short Listing
5.2 Inclusive Assessments
5.3 Inclusive Interviews

6. Avoiding Discrimination per equality grouping

6.1 Age
6.2 Disability
6.3 Gender Reassignment
6.4 Marriage and Civil partnership
6.5 Pregnancy and Maternity (including Paternity)
6.6 Race (colour, ethnic or national background)
6.7 Religion or Belief (including non-belief)
6.8 Sex/Gender
6.9 Sexual Orientation

7. Alignment to Funding expectations

30 July 2020 note re Microsoft Teams accessibility: 

Document Tracking:

Sources: Titles of equalities legislative/good practice have been utilised: 

Institution Guidance
EHRC Equality Act (2010) – Statutory Code of Practice for Employment 
EHRC What equality law means for you as an employer: when you recruit someone to work for you (Jul 2011) 
ACAS   Recruitment & Induction (Oct 2010) 
ACAS   Delivering Equality & Diversity (Oct 2010)
ECU  Developing Staff Disclosure (2009)
ECU  Managing flexible retirement and extended working lives (Dec 2011)
UK Resource Centre for Women in SET  Good Practice Guide – Recruitment & Selection (2005)

Abbreviations and weblinks:
ACAS = Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
EHRC = Equality & Human Rights Commission
ECU = Equality Challenge Unit

Equality Impact Assessment
Reviewed: 31 Jul 2014 - EHRC Pre-employment health questions Guidance for job applications on 'Section 60 of the Equality Act (2010)'.




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