LGBTQI+ Employee Network


First established in 2016, the University’s LGBTQI+ Employee Network is a member-run affinity group that works to support, advocate for, and celebrate the lives and experiences of LGBTQI+ colleagues. The network works to develop an inclusive and equitable workplace for people of all genders and sexualities that work at the University.

The St Andrews logo with pride colours

Values and objectives

The network holds three core values that guide the development of its objectives, actions, and role within the University community. These values are ‘Advocate’, ‘Celebrate’, and ‘Educate’.

The network advocates for members of the St Andrews LGBTQI+ community, using its position to bring about positive change. It provides consultation to the University regarding matters of interest, advising on the strategic direction of the University while leveraging its platform to ensure the rights and interests of the LGBTQI+ community are not only respected but actively promoted locally, nationally, and internationally, in the Higher Education sector and beyond.

The Network celebrates the successes of its community, highlighting the work and achievements of individuals and groups within St Andrews. In developing an inclusive culture and an affirming environment, members of the community are able to focus on the positive experiences, feel comfortable and confident in their identities, and able to live openly and proudly.

The Network educates its members and the St Andrews community to help us all treat each other with greater empathy, respect, and dignity. The Network works in partnership with the University and other organisations to highlight the lived experiences of LGBTQI+ people and other marginalised communities, provide advice and guidance on how to better support marginalised people, and work to prevent the exploitation of marginalised people in being compelled, without due care for their wellbeing or adequate compensation, to educate others about the nature of their oppression.


The network organises regular meetings, activities, and resources for members. Current and forthcoming events and activities include:

  • Monthly network meetings

  • Catered lunches and social events

  • St Andrews Pride

  • Network fieldtrips

  • Book/Cinema Club

  • Community outreach

  • Information sessions

  • Research and Awareness seminars / discussion groups

  • University policy consultation

  • LGBTQI+ Advocacy


Membership to the LGBTQI+ Employee Network is open to all LGBTQI+ University employees, including students who are directly employed by the University (e.g., Graduate Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, etc.)

Membership to the network is confidential. Details of the Network’s membership, including any personal information, will be held, and handled by the current role holders of the Leadership Team only. The Leadership Team will handle all personal information in line with the University’s privacy and data protection policies.

How to join

University employees who are interested in joining the Network can request to join by emailing the Network Secretary at

New members will receive a ‘Welcome email’ and will be introduced to existing members in the network’s private Microsoft Teams site.

How to contact the Network

All internal and external enquiries about the LGBTQI+ Employee Network should be made the Network Leadership Team by emailing them at

Network Leadership Team

At present, the Network is being led by two Interim Network Coordinators, pending the election of the network’s Leadership Team.

Interim Network Coordinator

Avery Hawkins

Organisational Development Adviser

Organisational and Staff Development Services

Interim Network Coordinator

Kathryn Herschell

Equality and Diversity Awards Adviser

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Team

The network is led by an elected Leadership Team comprised of three Co-Conveners, a Network Secretary, and up to three ordinary Leadership Team members. These voluntary roles are elected to every two years at the network’s Annual General Meeting.