Inclusive Curriculum Toolkit

Purpose of the Toolkit

A form of good compliant HE practice for staff involved in curriculum design, delivery and assessment. Including guidance from the Equality & Human Rights Commission (EHRC); Advance HE (informed by ECU and HEA); and the Scottish Funding Council (SFC).

Toolkit Sections

Online guidance is updated as and when guidance/publications is developed/ reviewed. Please refer to the following different elements:  

  1. Equality Laws
  2. Funding linked
  3. Impact of the law in Learning & Teaching
  4. Academic Freedom and Promoting Good Relations
  5. Curriculum design
  6. Curriculum delivery 
  7. Inclusive Practice
  8. Types of Discrimination
  9. Equality Groupings
  10. Other good practice from the HE sector 2016-2020, 2011-2015

Also refer to University webpages:

Version updated: 31 March 2023.