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To achieve an inclusive environment for all, the University strives to ensure all staff have an understanding of the different backgrounds. With CAPOD, staff completing equalities training helps raise awareness of updated equalities law and Unconscious Bias.

Types of training or awareness:

  • Bespoke sessions on Diversity, Dignity & Respect
  • Diversity for Managers (part of the Management Passport)
  • Equalities in the REF
  • Staff Inductions on Diversity Awareness
  • PhD Student Inductions on ED&I (bespoke) 
  • Inclusive Curriculum bespoke sessions
  • Student Sabbatical Team Diversity Induction

Completing the training can assist the Schools on becoming inclusive working and studying environments.  Also helpful for progress towards key diversity awards.  

Staff, Post-Grads, Wardens: Diversity in the Workplace Online Training Module 

Student: Student Diversity Online Training Module

Staff: Recruitment and Selection Online Training Module 

Staff, Post-Grads, Warden: Unconscious Bias Online Training Module + Resources

Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES): Online Transgender Awareness Module 


Benefits of E&DI to the Workplace 

Awareness of Equality and Diversity Inclusion around Race, Gender and Sexuality brings productive benefits to the workplace as this video demonstrates developed by our online training provider:  


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