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Aims and Service

The Recruitment team offers professional and friendly management of all recruitment and selection processes, from advertising to offer, for academic, research, and professional staff vacancies throughout the University and provides support and advice to both external applicants and members of staff, regarding all aspects of the recruitment and selection process.

If you have a query regarding the recruitment process, please contact any of the Recruitment team.


If you wish to view job opportunities at the University of St Andrews, please go to Current vacancies.

If you have a query regarding the application process, please email us.

Advertising vacancies

Non-academic posts which are paid from a School/Unit cost centre require Workforce Planning Group approval prior to advertising.

Externally Funded Posts

To recruit for an externally funded vacancy:

  1. Complete Further Particulars (Academic Research) (Word, 68 KB) for Research posts or Further Particulars (Non Academic) (Word, 68 KB) for Non-Research posts.
  2. Confirm panel members
  3. Confirm cost centre (please refer to your FAS team)
  4. Confirm if the post is new or replacing someone
  5. Submit the above to vacancies
  6. Refer to the appropriate Checklist.

Academic Posts

To recruit for a Teaching Fellow, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader or Professor:

  1. Complete an Application to Master for Academic Posts (Word, 57 KB)
  2. Complete the appropriate Further Particulars template (see below). These templates can be amended to suit individual vacancies.
  3. Submit these documents to the Master.  If approved, the Master’s office will pass these to the Recruitment team.
  4. Refer to the Academic Checklist (PDF, 137 KB) for non-Professorial posts or the Professorial Checklist (PDF, 66 KB) as appropriate, at all stages of the process.

Recruitment Guidance and Training

The University ‘Inclusive Recruitment Guide’ provides legal good practice and explanation of legislation relating to Recruitment and Selection.  

All employees must complete the Recruitment and Selection online course prior to becoming a panel member.



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