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Human Resources Staff

If you are dialling from outside the University, please add +44 (0) 1334 46 before the extension number. All staff are generally available from Monday - Friday, unless specified otherwise.

To find out which Human Resources Officer is assigned to your School or Unit, please refer to the HRO Allocation‌ list.

Mairi Stewart Director of Human Resources 2556
Louise Nixon Deputy Director 2350
Gillian Ogg

Personal Assistant to the Director of Human Resources


Support and Advice Professional Team

Sukhi Bains Head of Equality and Diversity   1649
Lenna Cumberbatch Equality and Diversity Awards Adviser   1649
Karen McGregor Equality and Diversity Awards Adviser Mon - Thurs  1649
Susan Gibson Senior Role Analyst  

Val Insch HR Business Partner   1897
Bronwen Jenkins HR Business Partner  Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 1967
Cameron Little HR Business Partner   2497
Louise Milne HR Business Partner   2557
Mary Shotter HR Business Partner   1967
Lisa Stewart HR Officer Mon - Thurs 1898
Kathryn Tait HR Business Partner

9:30am - 2:15pm



Aimee Silver HR Team Leader (Recruitment)   1990
Shirley Bett HR Assistant   2564
Hannah McLennan  HR Assistant   2562
Michelle Roberts HR Assistant Monday - Wednesday 2567

Support and Advice Administration Team

Isla Duncan HR Team Leader (Support & Advice)   2589
Jenny Campbell HR Assistant Tuesday - Friday 2575
Sam Cobain HR Assistant Monday - Thursday 2560
Lynsey Rattray HR Assistant   2563

Salaries and Pensions Team

Shona Donohoe Payroll and Pensions Manager   2559
Roz Martin Deputy Payroll Manager   2569
Lisa Harley Pensions Administrator   2546
Janice Gay HR Assistant (Payroll) Monday only 2568
Lisa Jobling HR Assistant (Payroll)   1671
Brenda Telfer HR Assistant (Payroll)

Tuesday - Thursday

Diane Scott HR Assistant (Payroll)   1976

Data and Systems Team

Arlene Herzog Staff Record Systems Manager 2539
James Wood HR Systems Data Officer 1958
Michelle Barnett HR Data Team Leader 1670
Melissa Grant HR Data Administrator 2566
Christie Duff HR Data and Systems Administrator 2570