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Workforce Planning Group (WPG)

The Workforce Planning Group (WPG) reviews and approves changes to centrally funded vacancies/new posts and considers requests for Grading, reward and conditions. The purpose of the group is to analyse each request, review alternative considerations and assess the strategic need for the post (or changes to the post) to ensure that the staffing profile of Schools/Units matches and responds to University needs.

The WPG comprises:

  • Quaestor & Factor
  • Master
  • Vice-Principal Education (Proctor) l
  • Vice-Principal (Governance)
  • Vice-Principal (Research & Innovation)
  • Director of HR
  • Finance Director
  • Director of Strategy & Policy 

All requests for posts which are paid from a School/Unit cost centre require WPG approval. This includes all new/replacement posts, making a temporary post standard, extending a temporary post or altering the hours of an existing post.  Applications to the group should be submitted using the Workforce Planning Application Form.

It is essential that Further Particulars and an up to date organisation chart are included with applications for new or replacement posts. 

Heads of School/Unit wishing to request a grading review of a post should complete a Head of School and Unit Comments Form (Word, 71 KB) and send to Workforce.  Full details of the Grading Review policy and procedures can be found on our webpage.

The application submission and meeting dates for forthcoming meetings are listed below.  Please note, any applications submitted after the deadline date will be carried forward to the next scheduled meeting of the group.

Application Submission Date Meeting Date
14 November 2018 27 November 2018
17 December 2018

8 January 2019

23 January  2019 5 February 2019
20 February 2019 5 March 2019
20 March 2019 2 April 2019
17 April 2019 30 April 2019
15 May 2019 28 May 2019
12 June 2019 24 June 2019
10 July 2019 23 July 2019
6 August 2019 20 August 2019
3 September 2019 16 September 2019
2 October 2019 15 October 2019
30 October 2019 12 November 2019
27 November 2019 10 December 2019

Notification of application outcomes will, where possible, be given within 48 hours of the Workforce Planning Group meeting.  Approval is normally valid for 3 months from the date of the meeting.  If posts have not been advertised or changes to posts have not been enacted within 3 months of approval, it is expected that a further application will be put forward to the group. 

A minimum of three members of the group must be in attendance before any decisions can be made.


Please note that the following posts do not need to go to the Workforce Planning Group:

Research and Externally funded Posts

Staff Named on Grants

  • A job description, CV of the named person and information regarding the funding arrangements should be sent directly to the Support & Advice team.

Maternity Cover

  • Requests for maternity cover should be sent to the Director of HR detailing the name of the employee going on leave and the dates of the leave.  Further Particulars should also be included for recruitment purposes. If there are to be substantial changes to the remit of the post eg the maternity cover will only be taking on part of the role, working increased hours or at a higher grade, then a Workforce Planning Group application for a replacement post should be submitted via the Workforce Planning Application Form (PDF, 1,655 KB).

Casual Posts

  • Requests for short term posts paid out of casual budgets should be sent to the Hera team along with a job description in order to ascertain the rate of pay.



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