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Religion or Belief

Inter-Belief cohesion is an important part of being an inclusive international University. For this purpose there are annual actions to ensure that people's belief who visit, work or study here are respected and understood.

Our inclusive multi-belief Chaplaincy provides services/rooms for prayer/contemplation with faith specific kitchen/washing facilities: Prayer Facilities

Latest Guidance & Awareness 

  • Legislative good practice guide: Equality Briefing Race, Religion and Belief (PDF, 437 KB)
  • Overview guidance per belief and culture developed from engagement with diverse agencies and societies: A-Z Cultural Ethnicity Religion Belief (PDF, 684 KB)
  • Scottish Inter Faith Council: Values in Harmony (PDF, 2,993 KB)   
  • ACAS Religion-or-Belief-and-the_workplace-guide 2014 (PDF, 347 KB)
    • "Religion or belief is defined as: any religious belief, provided the religion has a clear structure or belief system. Denominations or sects within a religion can be considered a protected religion or religious belief."
      • Employers do not have to give workers time off or facilities for religious observance, but they should try to accommodate them whenever possible.  For example, if a worker needs a prayer room and there is a suitable room available then a worker could be allowed to use it, providing it does not disrupt others or affect their ability to carry out their work properly.  Many employers find that being sensitive to the cultural and religious needs of their employees makes good business sense.  This can mean making provisions for:
        • flexible working
        • religious holidays and time off to observe festivals and ceremonies
        • prayer rooms with appropriate hygiene facilities
        • dietary requirements in staff canteens and restaurants
        • dress requirements.

Religion or Belief Local communities/worship and Inclusive Adjustments:

Links with local diverse places of worship and cultural communities are continually enhanced, so that our staff and students can observe and celebrate their belief and cultural traditions with neighbouring communities.

Fife Inter Faith Group 




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