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Began in India, ‘Jain’ means a follower of the Jinas. They have a belief in a creator God. Belief that through the cycle of birth and death spiritual progress should be made that will eventually lead to moksha (release). Ahimsa is the key principle (non-violence).  

Worldwide followers (Estimated): Over 3.5 million Jains worldwide, most live in India.
Place of worship:Derasar” (temple).

Inclusion points:

Dress/Jewellery/Identity: The Jain Sign is a compound made up of a number of other signs significant to Jainism. By sharing concepts with Hinduism and Buddhism, the sign encompasses Jain teachings.

Drink: Alcohol is not permitted. 

Food: Strict vegetarians although they may eat some dairy products like milk, curds or clarified butter. They may prefer to avoid garlic, onion and potatoes. Some may not eat before sunrise or after sunset.

Festivals and Observances: Paryushanaparva: Jains participate and request forgiveness of their wrongdoings.



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