Sexual Orientation

EHRC Equality Act (2010) protected characteristic Sexual orientation definition  (15 Feb 2023): Whether a person's sexual attraction is towards their own sex, the opposite sex or to both sexes.

  1. University LGBTIQ+ Staff Role Model Members webpage
  2. University LGBTIQ+ Staff Network
  3. University LGBTIQ+ Allies Members webpage
  4. University Chaplaincy same-sex marriage service
  5. University supports same-sex wedding ceremonies
  6. LGBT+ life and history at St Andrews
  7. LGBT Charter
  8. Stonewall Workplace Equality Index
  9. ILGA map of Sexual Orientation laws in the world.
  10. ILGA Rainbow Map - annual benchmarking tool, ranking countries in Europe on their LGBTI equality laws, policies and practices for LGBTI people.

LGBT+ life at St Andrews

For over 40 years, LGBT groups at St Andrews have aimed to provide an open and safe environment for people to be who they are without fear of discrimination:

UK Gov: Advice for LGB&T tourists travelling abroad

UK Gov: Foreign travel advice - refer to 'Local laws and customs' per listed country

External local/regional groups

National Coming Out Day: 11 October annually

All Staff are sincerely invited to complete their Diversity Monitoring data confidentially using HR Self Service voluntarily by:

  • Signing into the Self Service webpage 
  • Select 'Equal Opportunities'
  • Select 'Check your details'
  • Select 'edit these details' (for updating Disability, Ethnicity, Religion or Belief, and Sexual Orientation)
  • Once completed please select 'Submit'.  


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex or Queer (LGBTIQ).

11 October marks 'International Coming Out Day'.

17 May marks 'International Day Against Homophobia' when the 'World Health Organisation' made the groundbreaking decision to remove the term "homosexuality" from its list of mental disorders.  Britain named the best place in Europe for LGBT rights by the International LGBT & Intersex Association


Queerfest - Running annually, it is a series of events celebrating queer people, raising awareness and educating others. It focuses on queer art, culture and experiences in St Andrews. In 2022 it ran from 31 January to 6 February, with events such as a queer art gallery and memory walk, art bash, inclusivity panel and more.

Glitterball - Held annually, the event took place on 26 March with both global and local drag acts and student performers.

Drag Walk - Running annually, this is a student drag competition and  club night celebrating queer people and art. This year it was held on 4 March, offering many an introduction to the local drag scene within Fife and surrounding areas. This provides a safe space for people to play with gender expression, ask questions, whilst celebrating queerness.