Trans, Gender Identity, Reassignment, or Non-Binary


  1. Policy and Guidance on Trans Staff and Students
  2. Pronoun guidance
  3. News webpage
  4. University LGBTIQ+ Staff Role Model Members webpage
  5. ACAS Gender identity terminology Aug 2017 (PDF, 389 KB)
  6. University LGBTIQ+ Staff Network
  7. University LGBTIQ+ Allies Members webpage
  8. LGBT+ life and history at St Andrews
  9. Stonewall LGBT Global Workplace Briefings per country
  10. ILGA Rainbow Map - annual benchmarking tool, ranking countries in Europe on their LGBTI equality laws, policies and practices for LGBTI people.
  11. UK Gov: Advice for LGB&T tourists travelling abroad
  12. UK Gov: Foreign travel advice - refer to 'Local laws and customs' per listed country

Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) module: In-depth specialist e-learning resource:

External local/regional groups:

Gender Identity/Reassignment and Non-Binary

A brief awareness paper on good practice and compliance for staff - download:

EHRC Equality Act (2010) protected characteristic definition:  

The process of transitioning from one gender to another. 


An annual celebration of trans and non-binary people, this year it ran from the 15th November until the 21st. It raised awareness of issues faced by the trans community, particularly whilst providing advice and support for those exploring their identity, with clothing drives, makeup classes, a panel discussion and even life drawing. 

Saints LGBT

Saints LGBT run sessions for trans and non-binary people, provide make-up advice and do clothing drives.


Mermaids is a British charity and advocacy organisation that supports gender variant and transgender youth. They also provide inclusion and diversity training.

Guide to the University of St Andrews Students' Association LGBT Society:

Stonewall Scotland Good Practice Programme:
Proud to be working in partnership with Stonewall Scotland through its membership of their programme, benefits of why we should complete those Monitoring Forms:

Sector-wide guidance: