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St. Andrews Quaker Meeting House - members have provided the following input for staff and student awareness via the University's ED&I: 

Quakers (The Religious Society of Friends) grew out of Christianity 350 years ago, and today we also find meaning and value in other faiths and traditions. We seek to experience God directly - within ourselves, in our relationships with others, and in the world around us. We recognise that there is something transcendent and precious in every person.  

In our Meetings for Worship we seek a gathered stillness in which we can be open to inspiration from the Spirit of God, and some of those present may be moved to offer short spoken reflections or readings. Our religious experience leads us to put special value on truth and integrity, equality, simplicity and peace. We call these values ‘testimonies’ and they encourage us to work for a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.  


  • Every Sunday: Meeting for Worship 10:30am to 11:30am
    (Children’s meeting takes place at the same time)
  • Every Thursday: Meeting for Worship 1:15pm to 1:45pm
  • St.Andrews Quaker Meeting House is at 2 Howard Place, KY16 9HL (on the west side of Hope Street, which is between the Student Union and the Bus Station).
    Refreshments after each meeting.
  • During University semesters: Simply Quiet - in the middle of  your week, Quakers offer time to reflect on Wednesdays in the Chaplaincy Lounge. Drop in any time between 1pm and 2pm, for staff and students. Whatever your faith or philosophy of life, come and join us in the silence.


Two local Quakers joined the University Chaplaincy team in January 2018, and students or staff are welcome to contact them directly: Barbara Davey and Leslie Stevenson 

For more information on Quakerism see:  

Image of the entrance to the Meeting House:

Quaker House St Andrews

Also refer to webpage: Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Scotland



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