Event and Meeting Inclusion Guide


1) Create a positive work/study place so people feel included within a team or as a group by promoting and fostering good relations amongst people without bias.

2) Create an environment which adapts to changing requirements - legal duty for reasonable adjustments - to eliminate exclusion experience.

3) In compliance with the Equality Act (2010); Public Sector Duty (2011); and key Diversity Awards, it is essential to create a system for inclusive engagement initiatives (events/meetings/seminars) so everyone has equality of opportunity to participate. 

4) Create training materials that are accessible, do not reinforce stereotypes and that are both representative of and for a diverse range of people.

Action: select the following for examples of inclusion:

30 July 2020 note re Microsoft Teams accessibility:   

Download simplified version: Event and Meeting Inclusion Guide (PDF, 583 KB)

Recognition: In 2011/12 the guide was signposted as good practice by members of the ‘Fife Equality Participation Network’ (council, college, police and the NHS).