EDI Services Provided


Working across the whole University our remit includes:

  1. Report to the Equalities Structure within the University
  2. Guiding Schools and Service Units on equalities compliance
  3. Provide support on University wide Diversity Awards
  4. Deliver the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy and associated strategic and operational action plans
  5. Promoting best HE sector practice in equalities with AdvanceHE/ECU
  6. Providing a confidential service of advice to individuals (staff, students, visitors)
  7. Externally collaboration with diverse communities 
  8. Conducting Equality Impact Assessments
  9. Managing updated equalities Training 
  10. Online guidance per 'Protected Characteristic'‎
  11. Provide Scottish Government and SFC reports for funding compliance: Fairness=Funding 
The EDI Unit comprises of:
  • Head of E&D advising on strategy, discrimination, harassment (also refer to HRBPs) and funding compliance - email: sb104@st-andrews.ac.uk
  • Deputy Head of EDI, providing guidance and support on Disability accreditation and Race Equality Charter
  • E&D Awards Advisers providing guidance on Athena Swan and LGBT Charter, delivering training and support on Access to Work
  • EDI Assistant providing administration support. 

Team contact email: diversity@st-andrews.ac.uk