External partnerships: 

The University works in partnership with the 'SeeScape' on initiatives to support the local community who are visually impaired or blind. Services provide by the organisation for Fife residents include:

Mobility Individual assessments and one to one training in the use of appropriate canes, independent travel, route planning. Advice on general road safety, use of public transport and confidence building.
Daily living skills Helping people learn or re-learn skills such as cooking, using different methods, self care and general household activities, advising on appropriate use of equipment and gadgets such as liquid level indicator or a talking clock.
Communication skills Assisting in maintaining the ability to communicate with others, either by using information in large print, on CD, in Braille. Advice on use of computers, CCTV’s, electronic magnifiers and touch typing/keyboard skills.
Info on resources and concessions Travel concessions, state benefits, charities such as British Wireless for the Blind Fund, the RNIB, or Guide Dogs.
Emotional support Counselling support for individual clients or parents of young clients as there may be a need for people who have a sudden loss of vision or have other issues which are causing them concern, to have access to counselling services and support groups.

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