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Unconscious Bias

Staff, Post-Grads, Wardens: Unconscious Bias Online Training Module:

Note: In some cases the module software may work better when using desk-top pc's.

  1. Log onto webpage: or if a new user please log onto webpage: - try to use your current University email address but please use a different password.   

  2. If a new user, type your name and select your school or unit.

  3. Select “Catalogue” 

  4. Choose “Unconscious Bias” and select “Enrol in Course” then "Yes"

  5. Select “Launch” 

  6. You will then be logged into to the start of the ‘Unconscious Bias' 45 mins course with learning and quizzes concluding with a final assessment test.

"I'm impressed with the amount of thought-provoking information the online Unconscious Bias module conveys in a very short time - short enough, in fact, that I’d be keen to go through it again as a “refresher” before serving on any interview committee." - Prof Andrew Cameron, School of Physics & Astronomy 

Resources/publications for Staff & Students on Unconcious Bias:

  • ACAS
  • Advance HE (ECU)
  • Harvard Test
  • Micro behaviours
  • The Royal Society  


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