Returning from a Leave of Absence


Prior to returning from a Leave of Absence, you (UG/PGT/PGR) will be issued with a Letter of Re-engagement via their University email account. In accessing the online e-vision link on the Re-engagement letter. You can access the re-engagement form via the re-engagement email, students will find the following options available:

• The student requests a return to their studies.
• The student requests a further Leave of Absence.
• The student requests a Permanent Withdrawal from their studies.

In order to complete the online Re-engagement Application, you should select the option of your choice. If a student does not respond to the Re-engagement invitation email, the Registry Office will attempt to contact the student again. 

Failure to complete the online re-engagement process in full including providing supporting documentation and being approved for return, may be required to request a further period of leave (if available) or risk having their studies terminated.   

See the Leave of Absence Policy for further information about the necessary steps to return to your studies.

Health Related Leave

If your Leave of Absence was approved for health reasons. you must provide supporting documentation to confirm your fitness to return to study. This should be from a professional who has been involved or has a record of your support/treatment in relation to the reason a health related absence was approved, and can confirm your fitness to return to study. 

When you have acquired the necessary supporting documentation, it can be attached to the online e-vision Re-engagement form.  It must confirm your fitness (and any necessary steps taken) to successfully return to your studies on the expected end date.

You may also be required to attend an appointment with Student Services or the Associate Dean as a condition of re-engagement.

Your professional can find further information regarding to the content requirements in the Medical information for re-engagement (UG/PGT) (PDF, 72 KB) document.

This should be up to date (close to submission of the document date) in English, on headed paper, sent direction to you in un-editable format such as PDF or JPEG for you to upload to the re-engagement form or sent to the Registry Student Support Officer directly. 

Medical information for re-engagement (UG/PGT) (PDF, 72 KB)

If your supporting documentation does not clearly support your return to your studies, your re-engagement will be suspended until suitable evidence is provided. It is also recommended that students returning from a Leave of Absence make an appointment with Student Services to discuss the implications of returning to study, and to ensure that any necessary support and guidance is in place before returning to their studies.

University accommodation

It is also important to note that if you have successfully applied for University Accommodation, you will not have access to your Halls of Residence until your re-engagement with your studies is approved.

Requesting a further Leave of Absence

If you wish to request a further Leave of Absence, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught students may apply for a maximum of four semesters in total during their period of registration.

Student Services

It is also recommended that students returning after a Leave of Absence visit Student Services to discuss their re-engagement with their studies. Student Services can provide advice on available services and resources for a successful return to the University of St Andrews.

The Advice and Support Centre can provide information on any student matter and you can arrange an appointment by contacting the ASC (

Money Matters

If you need to apply for repeat funding for your tuition fees, please contact the Money Adviser ( who can provide confirmation of your Leave of Absence to your funding body.

  • Leave of Absence (Personal): If your Leave of Absence was due to personal reasons you will need to provide a letter stating your personal circumstances, including any relevant documentation. You can seek advice on the content of this letter from the Money Adviser.
  • Leave of Absence (Health: If your Leave of Absence was due to health reasons you will need to provide supporting documentation to state that you are fit to return to your studies. This should be sent to your funding body (by recorded delivery).

If your funding body does not agree to provide repeat funding, you are still liable to the University for Payment of tuition fees.  Other sources of funding may also be affected, and you may wish to consult the Money Adviser further.

International Students

If you are a Non EU/EEA student you will need to apply for a new visa in order to return to your studies and you must apply in your home country or in a country where you have the right of residence. You will need a Confirmation of Acceptance to Study (CAS) from the University of St Andrews to facilitate your visa application. A new CAS number can be obtained by emailing the International Advisors ( 

Please be aware that you must first complete the process of re-engagement (and be approved to re-engage) before you can apply for a new CAS number. For information on making a visa application please read the International Students Pages.

Please note that if your course is ATAS registered then you should apply as soon as possible for an ATAS Certificate.

Contact details

Undergraduate/Postgraduate (Taught)
Registry UG/PGT Change of Circumstance Student Support
Phone: +44 (0)1334 46 2129

Postgraduate (Research)
Registry PGR Change of Circumstance Student Support
Phone: +44 (0)1334 46 2256