Sexual misconduct – advice and guidance for students

The University is committed to providing a safe environment that allows the confidence to work, study, innovate and excel.

People of any sex or sexual orientation are protected and supported by the University of St Andrews Sexual Misconduct Policy Statement.

Sexual misconduct covers a broad range of inappropriate, unwanted, behaviour. From the most severe forms of sexual violence including rape and sexual assault, it also extends across to unwanted touching, stalking, abusive or degrading remarks. Whilst detailing all the behaviour covered by this policy would be impossible, the common thread is the disregard of informed consent. Consent is always required and cannot be assumed based on the parties’ relationship status or sexual history together. 

Comprehensive information on the legal definitions of consent and various forms of sexual misconduct is available in the Scottish Government's publication Information and Help After Rape and Sexual Assault. This also includes: 

  • how rape and sexual assault might affect you
  • how to look after yourself
  • how the legal system works in Scotland
  • where to get help and more information on a national basis.

Guidance for students accused of sexual misconduct

The University’s Duty of Care extends to both alleged victims and alleged perpetrators of sexual misconduct. 

Find out about the University's duty to support students accused of sexual misconduct

If you have used harmful or abusive behaviours towards a partner, you can reach out for confidential support here:

Respect (specialist resources for those using abusive behaviours)