Support: your resources

If you have been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted, you do not have to cope on your own.  There are many support services available to help you. There is no time limit on seeking the help of advisers, the Police, your GP, or other support services.  This page includes information for your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Information and Help After Rape and Sexual Assault is published by the Scottish Government and includes information on how to look after yourself, how the legal system works in Scotland, and where to get help and more information.

  • How to contact Student Services and other external support services.

  • Information about the relevant services offered by the NHS

  • A range of academic support and adjustments are available

  • Support with finance and accommodation, provided by the University

  • About the University's partnership with FRASAC

Reporting an incident

You can anonymously report any form of sexual misconduct which you, or someone you know has experienced using the Report and Support tool. You can also choose to use this tool to report using your contact details so a member of Student Services can get in touch with you to help provide support.