Guidance for students accused of sexual misconduct

The University's Duty of Care extends to those reporting sexual misconduct and the reported person. The following information sets out what might happen next and what the University’s role can be. It is important to know that the list of possible actions below is not an exhaustive one.

Your support

  • It can help to speak to a trusted person or confidant, but anything you say to anybody at this time may be called forward as evidence by the Crown authorities and so confidentiality is only guaranteed with a personal representing lawyer.
  • You may receive free individual Counselling through Student Services to help deal with feelings related to being accused, decision-making, and concerns about relationships.
  • The Students’ Association Education Advocate can provide free independent advice and support to students whenever they have a problem in the University - again, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed as the Crown authorities could require any information you volunteer to be produced at a later date.
  • You have the right to be treated with respect and dignity by university staff.
  • If the allegation against you leads to a Conduct Risk Assessment or Disciplinary proceedings, you will have the right to be accompanied to meetings with staff by a member of the University.

Be aware of the following:

A request for a review of a disciplinary decision made by the Vice-Principal (Proctor) is admissible only where: 

  • new evidence exists, of which the University was not aware when the original disciplinary decision was taken 
  • this new evidence could not reasonably have been disclosed by the student (an explanation for earlier non-disclosure is always required).