Wellbeing talks

We are developing a range of online wellbeing workshops and talks to give you an opportunity to learn strategies to handle the more difficult aspects of student life – from recommendations around alcohol consumption to tips on how to support a friend with a mental health problem.

We will add new topics from time to time, so please visit this page throughout the semester or look out for our Facebook updates (https://www.facebook.com/UStAStudentServices/) to find out more about how you can keep well and cope with common difficulties at University.

If you would like to discuss the content of any of the talks further, or if you need further support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Student Services.

If you need to access these talks in a different format, please get in touch with us.


Find out about what anxiety is and learn some general strategies to overcome it. This talk also suggests some resources that are available to you as a student at St Andrews to work on overcoming anxiety yourself.


This series of talks focuses on the guidelines around alcohol consumption, the effects alcohol can have on your physical and mental wellbeing, and how to drink sensibly.

Alcohol guidelines

Alcohol affects

Alcohol Making Changes

This talk is especially relevant for new students and explores the concept of homesickness. It also offers suggestions of how to cope with feeling homesick and how to settle into your new home from home.

home from home

These two talks on perfectionism are designed for students of all years who feel that their desire to be perfect impedes their ability to do their work or impacts negatively on their wellbeing.

The first talk introduces the concept of perfectionism and what thoughts and behaviours can go along with being a perfectionist.

its alright to be wrong - perfectionism

The second talk gives you some ideas on how to tackle perfectionism and how to approach tasks with a more helpful mind-set.

its alright to be wrong - tackling

Find out how to look after your physical wellbeing, which in turn will also support your mental health. This talk also includes contact information should you develop any physical health problems or if you are suffering from a chronic health condition.

Self Care

Study skills
Find out how to stay ahead of the game at University. This talk provides ideas on time management and how to keep yourself motivated.

Study Skills


We welcome your ideas, suggestions and comments on any aspect of our services. We are particularly keen to hear your thoughts about topics for future online talks or workshops.  So if you have a topic in mind or would like to offer any suggestion, please email us at theasc@st-andrews.ac.uk

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 A-Z of Wellbeing - A range of resources to help with common challenges.