Requesting a Change of Mode of Attendance

If your circumstances mean that a change in your Mode of Attendance may be the best way for you to manage your studies (from Full-time to Part-time or vice versa) you can discuss this with the relevant Registry Student Support Officer. You should note that not all programmes are deliverable at a part-time or full-time rate and you should contact your school to enquire if this is something they can offer. 

Part-time students are expected to complete their studies in double the time it takes a full-time student. A Part-Time student would be expected to take half the credit load of a full-time student. For undergraduates, this would be between 60 and 80 credits per year. It is important to check with your Adviser of Studies that you are taking all the required modules for your intended course because some modules may not be available every year.

If you require a Student visa to stay in the UK, then you cannot study part-time

For more details, contact the International Student Advisers at Registry.

It is advisable to discuss your consideration of change in Mode of Attendance with your programme school as not all programmes are deliverable at an alternative rate. 

You will also be required to discuss a possible change in Mode of Attendance with the Money Advice Team (

In some cases you may need to meet with the Registry Officer or Pro-Dean and you may be asked to provide additional information. It is also important to remember that the requested Change of Mode of Attendance may not be automatically guaranteed.

If your Change of Mode of Attendance Application is approved, you will receive official notification from the Registry Office by email.  If your request is not approved, please get in touch with the Registry Support Officer who will be able to discuss other options available with you.

Please note that if you wish to Change your Mode of Attendance back to its original status at the end of an academic year, you will need to make a similar application to the Registry Officer once again.

Student Services
You may also feel that you need to discuss your options with Student Services who can offer advice and suggest various options and resources.
The Advice and Support Centre can provide information on any student matter and you can arrange an appointment by contacting the ASC (

Access to University Services
As Part-Time students are fully matriculated, access to the Athletic Union, Students’ Association and student discount schemes are the same as for Full-Time students.

Student Accommodation
Part-time students are not normally offered accommodation in University Residences. Please contact Student Accommodation for further information.

Student Finance
There are several ways in which part-time studies can impact your finances:

  • Tuition fees: Whether your tuition fees is amended depends on the date that your mode of attendance change is approved. You should contact fees@ to discuss your liability. You should also speak to the Money Adviser if you are receiving funding for your tuition fees, as a change in mode of attendance could affect your eligibility.
  • Student Loans and other sources of funding: You will need to carefully check the terms of any loan, scholarship, bursary or sponsorship you are receiving as part of your study to see if it will be affected by a change to part-time study.
  • Council Tax: As a Part-Time student, you will be required to pay Council Tax. However, you may claim Council Tax Benefits based on your income.
  • Other financial considerations: If you have a disability and want to go part-time, you are recommended to go and have a chat with a Disability Adviser at Student Services. The University has an obligation to provide you with the necessary support and in most cases the Disabled Student Allowance will be unaffected.

Contact details

Undergraduate/Postgraduate (Taught)
Registry UG/PGT Change of Circumstance Student Support
T: 01334 462129

Postgraduate (Research)
Registry PGR Change of Circumstance Support
T: 01334 462256