Good academic practice

Academic integrity is fundamental to the values promoted by the University. It is important that all students are judged on their ability, and that no student is allowed unfairly to take an advantage over others, to affect the security and integrity of the assessment process, or to diminish the reliability and quality of a St Andrews degree.

Academic misconduct includes inter alia the presentation of material as one's own when it is not one's own; the presentation of material whose provenance is academically inappropriate; and academically inappropriate behaviour in an examination or class test. Any work that is submitted for summative assessment at any point in the programme of study is liable to consideration under this Good academic practice policy. All work submitted by students is expected to represent good academic practice.

The University's policy covers the behaviour of both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The policies and practices described in this document do not cover misconduct by academic staff; other procedures exist to deal with these.

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