Guidelines on Recording of Meetings involving University Staff and Students

These guidelines DO NOT cover overt recordings for pedagogical or research purposes or minute taking. In such cases attendees will be advised that recording is to take place.

1.1      The University is a community built on mutual respect and trust. We recognise that our staff and students rely increasingly on digital technology for everyday tasks and that smartphones, tablets and laptops make it possible, and at times advantageous, to record conversations and meetings with little more than a keystroke.

1.2      In a collegial community which values the principles of consent and consensus however, the University of St Andrews will not condone the making of electronic or digital recordings of meetings (in person or virtually) or telephone calls, unless all participants have been properly notified and given their clear permission for recording to take place.

1.3      If a member of staff or student wishes to record a meeting, advance notice of 3 working days should be given and written permissions secured from all participants.

1.4      Any recording of a meeting with University staff that is made without prior knowledge and agreement may be deemed a form of misconduct which could result in the University taking disciplinary action against the individual(s) concerned.


Alastair Merrill
Vice Principal (Governance)
June 2017