Self-certification of absence

Attendance is a basic assessment requirement for credit award, and failure to attend classes or meetings with academic staff may result in your being issued an Academic Alert for a module.

Unavoidable absences must be explained using a Self-Certificate of Absence form (via the self-certificate tasks on the ‘My details and development’ workspace on MySaint) as soon as possible.

Online exams

Students will need to complete a self-certification if they upload online exam answers later than the allocated exam upload time. Find out more about upload deadlines and late submission on the submitting answers for online exams guidance page

Definitions of absence

You are absent if you:

  • fail to attend an examination (see the assessment policies and procedures),
  • fail to attend any element identified as compulsory in the module booklet,
  • fail to submit a compulsory assignment on time (even if you have been granted an extension) or
  • are unable to study for more than 5 consecutive days or more than 15 non-consecutive days.

Further details can be found in the student absence policy.


  • Self-certificates should normally be submitted within 3 days of the first day of an absence.
  • Submission of this form does not guarantee that the absence concerned will be approved. You will be contacted if approval is withheld or if further information or documentation is required.
  • Submission of this form does not exempt students from fulfilling compulsory elements of a module.
  • Completion of a self-certificate is not an acceptable substitute for contacting your tutors well in advance if you have to be absent. Forward planning of absence is acceptable only for good reason (for example, a hospital appointment or job interview).
  • If this is your third self-certificate lodged this semester, or if the period of absence extends to more than two weeks, you may be referred to an adviser in Student Services or to an appropriate member of staff in your School or Faculty.
  • If you are an international student and you are absent from study for 10 days without the University's permission, the institution is legally bound to inform the Home Office (UKVI) and this may result in your visa being rescinded.

How to submit a self-certificate

To submit a self-certificate of absence please use the self-certificate tasks on the ‘My details and development’ workspace on MySaint.