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Help with work, study skills, maths and language correction

If you are struggling with an aspect of your course, you may want to raise your concerns with your lecturer/tutor/module organiser in the relevant school. There are also a wide range of study support and study skills resources available to all students. CAPOD offer help on a wide range of study skills, study support issues and maths skills. They run several themed sessions throughout the year and also offer one-to-one appointments.

You can get someone to proof-read your assignments, but make sure you have a look at the policy on Language Correction (PDF, 321 KB).  It’s also a good idea to check out the rules on Academic Misconduct found within the Good Academic Practice (PDF, 539 KB) guide.  Please bear in mind that students who are registered with Student Services as having a disability or learning difficulty for which proof-reading or language correction is recommended are not required to acknowledge any assistance but may wish to do so.  If you believe you may be entitled to academic assistance, please see Academic and exam arrangements.  

The University doesn’t provide specific additional tuition. However, it’s worth speaking to your School or Student Services who may know of a PhD student who would be willing to provide extra tuition at your cost.  Students with a disability/learning difficulty may be entitled to additional tuition and this can be arranged via Student Services.

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