Coronavirus information and guidance


Exam results from the May 2021 examination diet will be available on MySaint from Tuesday 08 June 2021. 

The May 2021 examination timetable (PDF) is now available. 

In line with Scottish Government guidance and institutional communications our May 2021 examination diet will be offered online. Students should note the following: 

  • Students must arrive at any new location in good time for the start of exam diet and be aware of exam start times in their current residential time zone
    • Alternative arrangements will not be approved where scheduled exams cannot be takendue to a student having failed to be in a suitable location for taking the exam in good time 
    • No appeal/s-coding will be accepted based on your choice to sit the exam from a new location



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Please ensure you make the University aware of any circumstances affecting your ability to take examinations as soon as possible.