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4.2 Inclusive Personal Requests & Monitoring

Fulfilling our Public Equality Duty to Monitor:

Where information for Equality Monitoring purposes is requested as part of an online application process, this should be separated from the application process. 

For example, an Equality Monitoring form could be sent out by email on receipt of a completed application form.

Five Reasons why we collect staff data:

    1. To comply with the legal 'Public Sector Equality Duty' and requirements by funding institutions, refer to webpage: Fairness = Funding
    2. A strategic method to ensure there is appropriate service provision.
    3. Measure the effectiveness of institutional policies.
    4. Providing an annual analysis of a reflective the workforce and student base.
    5. Enhance service delivery by attracting a diverse range of student.

Any other questions on the main application form about protected characteristics should include a clear explanation as to why this information is needed, and an assurance that the information will be treated in strictest confidence.  These questions should only be asked where they reflect occupational requirements for the post. 

Applicants should not be asked to provide photographs, unless it is essential for selection purposes, for example for an acting job; or for security purposes, such as to confirm that a person who attends for an assessment or interview is the applicant.



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