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4.1 Inclusive Adjustments

Providing Written Information:

Reasonable Adjustment = Upon request provide information in a format that is accessible to the disabled applicant.

Accessible formats = Email, Braille, Easy Read, large print, audio format, and data formats. Note that many blind people do not read Braille and may prefer to receive information by email or in audio format, refer to webpage: Alternative Format

Applicants Returning Forms:

Reasonable Adjustment = Allowing a candidate using an accessible format suitable for them to have their application considered at the same time as other applicants. Otherwise the School/Unit may need to make a further adjustment of allowing extra time for return of the form, if the applicant has been put at a substantial disadvantage by having less time to complete it.

Note: Where applications are invited by completing and returning a form online, it is likely to be a reasonable adjustment for the form to be made accessible to disabled people. If on-line forms are not accessible to disabled people, the form should be provided in an alternative way.

The University 'E-Recruitment' system:
The online service was successfully checked for built-in adjustments for disabled applicants with a range of impairments and is facilitated by HR Recruitment. Example image of online screen adjustments: 
E-Rec sign 




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