Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) Toolkit

Welcome to the 'University EIA Toolkit'

1. For support and guidance on using the EIA Toolkit please email: diversity@st-andrews.ac.uk

2. Download document: EIA Toolkit: Guide (PDF, 536 KB) or refer to the following online uploaded sections:

Tool 1: Introduction to EIAs

Tool 2: Steps to conducting EIAs:

Step 1: Involvement
Step 2: Initial & Operational EIA
Step 3: Internal Action Plan
Step 4: Further EIA
Step 5: Publishing Outcomes
Step 6: Monitoring & Review

Tool 3:

Appendix 1: EIA Toolkit: Guide to when to conduct an EIA (PDF, 328 KB) 
Appendix 2: EIA Toolkit: EIA Process Chart (PDF, 313 KB)     
Appendix 3: EIA Toolkit: Initial & Operational EIA Form (Word, 55 KB) - EHRIA Form    
Appendix 4: EIA Toolkit: Internal Action & Monitoring Plan (Word, 38 KB)   
Appendix 5: EIA Toolkit: Further EIA Form (Word, 61 KB)   
Appendix 6: EIA Toolkit: Glossary of Terms (PDF, 289 KB)                    
Appendix 7: EIA Toolkit: Examples of Impact Table (PDF, 407 KB)   
Appendix 8: EIA Toolkit: Equality Legislation Table (PDF, 276 KB)   


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