Diversity Engagement

As part of engaging with our diverse University community and legal compliance, feedback is welcome on our Policies/Procedures and Services.

Have your say by selecting the following "Title" in the table below to provide feedback: 

Open to: Title: Responses by:
Staff Disciplinary procedure 29 Oct 2021
Staff Policy on the use of fixed term and standard contracts 29 Oct 2021
Staff Redeployment policy 29 Oct 2021
Staff Consultancy Policy (pilot) 15 Oct 2021
Staff Intellectual Property Policy (pilot)  15 Oct 2021
Staff Declaration of Interests (pilot) 15 Oct 2021

Responses are also welcome by email: diversity@st-andrews.ac.uk.

British Sign Language (BSL) users can contact us directly using ContactScotland BSL 

Papers are circulated to the EDI contacts for review as required.